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A Little Bit About Us

Our Story - The Stamp Press

The Stamp Press was founded in 2014 with a creative spirit and passion for beautiful and unique design. It started it's life as an Etsy store selling rubber stamps, however due to a serendipitous combination of customer demand and our own desire to grow and offer more, our little business now also offers embossers, wax seal stamps and self-adhesive wax seals too. 

All of the stamps & seals are designed and customized to order, by me (Diane!) and our wonderful assistant / designer Amy. They are then engraved and hand assembled by my hubby James, in our beautiful little sun-filled studio in West Cork.

We take a joyful and contemporary design approach to traditional old-school stamps and seals; from designing, to engraving we ensure that each stamp is expertly and passionately made. 

We are more than a rubber stamp business – we are a tiny team of skilled craftspeople who have a passion for stamping and absolute love for what we do. Stamping is FUN! It evokes memories of childhood. It’s relaxing, It’s repetitive…. It’s even meditative. It brings absolute joy to us and our goal is to spread this joy with all our customers :)

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